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With a wide array of benefits, Root Origins CBD products balance and restore a variety of systems to optimum health and performance. Our products are engineered using all-natural ingredients with no artificial chemicals. Our innovative nanotized oral sprays for Day & Night have 10X the absorption compared to traditional CBD oil products on the market!







8mg of CBD in each liter.


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What do Hemp Farmers Need to Know About Seeds and Soil?

With the Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill) of 2018 signed into law, hemp is now again available for cultivation. Early hemp adopters such as Oregon, Kentucky, or Colorado, which began cultivating hemp, as part of various pilot programs, are now quickly ramping up production. If in 2017, there were around

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The Growth of Hemp Farming in America

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the United States hemp industry has seen a tremendous boom in productivity, which is particularly true for the 24 states that were actively growing hemp as of 2018. In fact, the total American surface area used for hemp production reached 78,176 acres,

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Why Oregon May Be the Best Hemp-Growing State

Oregon is among the first states to have authorized hemp cultivation in 2009. After the 2014 Farm Bill, it was also among the first states to begin several pilot programs, setting up comprehensive license and certification processes for farmers growing cannabis plants in the area. This means that much of

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CBD nano

There are so many different terms in the medical cannabis realm that keeping track of each can be a tough process. Still, understanding the meaning behind the word “nanotechnology” might come in handy. So what is nanotechnology and why should you care? Well, this is precisely what we are going to talk about. So, nano CBD is a method of enhancing CBD oil products in a way that will let you leverage all the benefits that CBD brings to the table. The main idea behind these nano CBD products is to make CBD efficacy and absorption much faster compared to usual CBD oils.

Nano CBD and water

As you might have guessed already, oil and water don’t exactly mix well. And this is precisely what nanotechnology aims to change. Since these two substances don’t mix, our body does not fully absorb CBD oil as 60% of it is water. Thanks to nanotechnology, we have such products as water-soluble CBD, which is much faster when it comes to absorption. And given that CBD water is not full spectrum CBD, you miss out on a few benefits.Returning back to the tech itself, nano is just that - microsized particles vs much larger oil particles, like 1,000x smaller than oil. This nano approach makes the CBD intake very convenient and speeds up its effect as your body tissues get a better ability to absorb the substance.

Full-spectrum CBD and nano CBD isolate

If you look at the benefits that pure CBD has to offer, it becomes clear that there’s no competition, it’s amazing. But like everything in this world, to get one thing you need to sacrifice something else. When it comes to CBD, it’s eighter convenience or the number of healing properties, and this is exactly the case of CBD nano and full spectrum CBD. Each variant has its fair share of drawbacks and advantages. Full-spectrum CBD For those of you unaware, when someone mentions full spectrum CBD they usually refer to the ‘total’ hemp plant, which is full of phytocompounds These so-called phytocompounds usually have cannabinoids, terpenes, and other essentials oils.The full spectrum CBD is also rich in such things as Omega-3 and vitamin E that have immense health benefits.Although, in spite of these advantages, full spectrum CBD has an earthy taste, which is somewhat mitigated by additives but not completely. Another major downfall is that your bloodstream isn’t capable of absorbing all the minerals as most of it is destroyed by your digestive system. It is widely believed that approximately 10% of the CBD benefits are absorbed by your body.

Benefits of nano CBD

There is a number of different benefits one can expect from nano CBD oil. As research indicates, CBD has a direct relationship with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is present in all mammals and can be described as a network of different receptors. When you consume nano CBD oil, it binds itself to the ECS and improves/increase endocannabinoid production, which in turn improves your appetite, sleep, memory, and mood. Aside from these, one can also expect from nano CBD oil the following. To sum it up Keep in mind, nano CBD is a new technology and its full potential is still unclear. Yet, with all the benefits that are already known, we are positive that it’s better than traditional CBD products. Each day, more and more researchers join the bandwagon and continue to explore the untapped potential of CBD. As for us, we firmly believe that nano CBD is the future and sooner or later, these products will become the norm. The benefits are massive, bioavailability is huge, and the price is reasonable considering the pros.

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