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With a wide array of benefits, Root Origins CBD products balance and restore a variety of systems to optimum health and performance. Our products are engineered using all-natural ingredients with no artificial chemicals. Our innovative nanotized oral sprays for Day & Night have 10X the absorption compared to traditional CBD oil products on the market!

  • 100% NATURAL






8mg of CBD in each liter.


Customer Testimonials

  • "I first bought DAY spray for my mom, but when she told me how many reasons she found it useful, I started using it myself and couldn't be happier that I did!"

    Jerome J.
    Business Man

  • "After having a bad car accident. DAY spray has been a game changer for me and a vital component in my daily routine. I have had the best sleep in years."

    Charisse C.
    Product Manager

  • "Nothing had worked until I was recommended Night Spray. Not only do I enjoy deep sleep, but I've enjoyed the many benefits."

    Shon J.

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Exciting news

  • 13 Oct

    What do Hemp Farmers Need to Know About Seeds and Soil?

    Todd Scholl 08 08

    With the Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill) of 2018 signed into law, hemp is now again available for cultivation. Early hemp adopters such as Oregon, Kentucky, or Colorado, which began cultivating hemp, as part of various pilot programs, are now quickly ramping up production.If in 2017, there were around 25,000...

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  • 08 Aug

    The Growth of Hemp Farming in America

    Todd Scholl 08 08

    With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the United States hemp industry has seen a tremendous boom in productivity, which is particularly true for the 24 states that were actively growing hemp as of 2018. In fact, the total American surface area used for hemp production reached 78,176 acres, up from 25,713 the year before (2...

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  • 19 Jul

    Why Oregon May Be the Best Hemp-Growing State

    Todd Scholl 08 08

    Oregon is among the first states to have authorized hemp cultivation in 2009. After the 2014 Farm Bill, it was also among the first states to begin several pilot programs, setting up comprehensive license and certification processes for farmers growing cannabis plants in the area. This means that much of the mess surrounding the young industry at the moment is mitigated in this state.Aside ...

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  • 12 Jul

    The Different Types of Hemp: Fiber, Grain and CBD-Rich

    Todd Scholl 08 08

    With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the American agricultural market received a significant boost. The global industrial hemp market is expected to grow from $4.6 billion in 2019 to $26.6 billion by...

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  • 02 Jul

    A Short (Long) History on Hemp

    Todd Scholl 08 08

    Because of hemp's prevalence in human society as being a multi-purpose crop used for food, fiber, and medicine, it's origins have always been a subject of interest.Common knowledge stated that cannabis plants, hemp included, originated from Asia. According to a 2019 study, the plant's origins have been safely trace...

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